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Nick Holloway (
24 Jul 1998 21:55:36 +0100 (Alex Buell) writes:
> I've had this happen to me in the past. The only safe and sure way is to
> put the patch file in /usr/src, cd to the linux-2.1.x directory, type in
> zcat ../patch-2.1.x.gz | patch -p1.

The easy way is to use scripts/patch-kernel. Specify the kernel source
directory and the directory containing the patches on the command line.
Updates the kernel tree from the available patches (.gz or .bz2).

To my knowledge, Linus has only ever managed once to put out a patch
that broke the script (of course, we now know that was Kubys).

This (and making sure you specify -p1 when using patch) are mentioned
in the README at the root of the Linux tree. Given the number of times
that people have problems applying patches, it would appear this is
not enough. Sigh.

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