Re: Patch for 2.1.110 dquot oops

Carsten Gross (
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 23:28:28 +0200

Hi Bill,

['posted' & mailed]

In article <>, (Bill Hawes) writes:
> [My 2.1.110 Quota Oops]
> I've attached a patch that should fix the problem, and speed up the
> search as well. It tests whether the superblock has a quota op outside
> the loop, and uses the dentry d_sb field to check against the sb value
> before getting the inode.

Thanks a lot for the patch. There was a small problem (see the "one liner"
below), now the kernel compiles and boots up without problems.

I'm using quotas since June, this could be the reason that I never noticed
this problem before.

> The patch is untested, uncompiled, and may not pass the Torvalds-test,
> but will work fine if we're both lucky today.


--- linux/fs/dquot.c.OLD Fri Jul 24 23:00:49 1998
+++ linux/fs/dquot.c Fri Jul 24 23:01:08 1998
@@ -531,7 +531,7 @@

static void add_dquot_ref(kdev_t dev, short type)
- struct superblock *sb = get_super(dev);
+ struct super_block *sb = get_super(dev);
struct file *filp;
struct inode *inode;



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