BusLogic Flashpoint DL, Linux-2.1.110 Errors, & Filesystem Corruption

Terry L Ridder (terrylr@tbcnet.com)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 17:21:31 -0500


I am receiving errors from the BusLogic driver.

The errors generally occur when moving large amounts of data
from one drive to another. Average file size is greater than 60 MB

While type this the machine just locked up tight, no response to

The latest errors are:

scsi0: Internal FlashPoint Error detected - Resetting Host Adapter
scsi0: Resetting BusLogic BT-932 dies to Host Adapter Internal Error
scsi0: *** BusLogic BT-932 Initialization Successfully ***

The setup is as follows:

I. Hardware
a. Motherboard - FICA PT-2003 - Intel Chipset
b. CPU - AMD K5
c. Memory - 64 MB
d. Cards
i. Two 3Com 3c509B ISA NIC's
ii. BusLogic Flashpoint DL BT-932 (PCI)
iii. Soundblaster 32 PnP
iv. Diamond S3Virge video card (PCI)
e. Hard Drives
i. Two Quantum ST6.5S 6.4GB - SCSI Channel 0
ii. Four Seagate ST11200N 1.0GB - SCSI Channel 1
iii. One Fujitsu M1606S-512 1.0GB - SCSI Channel 1
iv. One Maxtor MXT-540SL 521MB - SCSI Channel 1
vi. One Quantum LPS525S 525MB - SCSI Channel 1
vii. One Plextor PX-12TS - SCSI Channel 0
viii. Two HP C4324/C4325 CD-R - SCSI Channel 0

II. Hard Drives Configuration
a. Four Seagates are configured as RAID linear on /dev/md0
The ext2 filesystem wsa created with the following command
mke2fs -c -g 7228 /dev/md0

It should be noted that the Seagates if used as separate
ext2 filesystems work fine no problems.

b. Quantum LPS525SL, Maxtor are not currently used,
i.e. installed no filesystems
c. Fujitsu is ext2 filesystem -- /usr/src
d. One Quantum is Linux-2.1.110.
Originally a Linux Universe Distribution
installation, everything upgraded over the years by me.
e. One Quantum, is RedHat-5.1 running Linux-2.0.34

III. Software Configuration
a. gcc-
b. isapnptools-1.15
Kernel level PnP is not enabled.
c. e2fsprogs-1.12
e. 3c509 driver version - 1.16 ported to Linux-2.1.x by me.
The network cards work fine.
f. BusLogic driver version - 2.1.13 of 17 April 1998

Terry L. Ridder
Blue Danube Software (Blaue Donau Software)
"We do not write software, we compose it."

When the toast is burnt and all the milk has turned and Captain Crunch is waving farewell when the Big One finds you may this song remind you that they don't serve breakfast in hell ==Breakfast==Newsboys

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