2.1.111 is even more 'stuck on smp_invalidate_needed IPI wait'

Yaron J.G. Bandell (0141534@ptfe40.hro.nl)
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 18:12:07 +0200

2.1.110 had only one 'stuck on smp_invalidate_needed IPI wait (CPU#12)'
message right after freeing unused kernel memory. Had some occasions
where I didn't get the message at all. 2.1.109 didn't have any problems
like this at all.

2.1.111 however starts 'looping' slowly with this message upon boot
freeing unused kernel memory slowing the machine down allmost to a halt.

Mainboard is an Intel PR440FX, with 2 PPro 200 CPUs.

I have been trying to fix this, but coudn't exactly figure out what
exactly was going on.

Yaron Bandell

Version: 3.1
GCS/B d--(+) s:-- a-- C++ ULI++++C+++ P+ L++++ !E W-- N+ !o !K w---
O- M- V PS+ PE+ Y PGP- tt++ 5 X R tv+ b DI+ !D G e>++ h++ r* y+

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