Re: Kernel lockups with 2.0.3x

Alan Cox (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 00:23:57 +0100 (BST)

> trouble, however, once I start up X, that is when the trouble
> starts - well... maybe.. maybe not... I have used X for 3 days
> straight and not had a lockup or screwup. But now and then, I
> get a number of freezups. At first, they were fixable by
> shutting down X and restarting, now my system goes totally dead.

But you need to run X to trigger it. That pretty much has to be
either an X11 or hardware bug

> noise. I must assume that the machine totally locked. There is
> nothing written about the incident in any of the files under
> /var/log.

(Seeing if it answers network traffic is a good bet)

> when the screen twisted, displayed a screwed up KDE desktop, and
> then locked hard.

Well yes, I agree with your opinion about the KDE desktop (ok that was cheap)

When you say "screwed up" how do you mean

> I tried to telnet in from my 486 over PLIP, and couldn't connect.
> No ping either.

Ok. That froze

That does all sound like hardware or X or combination problems rather
than Linux.

Some suggestions to help pin it down:

o If you have a spare video card or one you can swap with another
box then swap it and see what occurs
o Leave the box contiually doing things for 2 or 3 days and see it
it dies - the rc5 cracking client will let you do something 'useful' ;) as that. THis will keep the CPU warm..
o Run badblocks over all your disks. I doubt very much you are seeing
a disk crash caused by a badblock thats either deep in your swap
or in something like an X font file but it pays to check
o If you have RH 5.0 handy run metroX instead of XFree and see what
happens. Just that varying the X server may give clues

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