BTTV Tuner Strangeness

Phillip K. Hornung (
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 22:36:44 -0700 (PDT)


I have a newer Hauppauge WinTV card (2 actually, models 400 and 401) which both
have a Bt878 chip, Philips NTSC tuner, MSP3430G-A1. Video card is and ATI
3DXpression+ PC2TV with 4MB SGRAM.

I am currently using XawTV 2.18 and the experimental drivers included with it.
The more standard BTTV drivers under 2.0.35 cause i2c i/o errors and the tuner
can't change channels or fine adjust.

The experimental drivers under 2.1.111 have no problems with i2c. The problem
that I have is that the picture comes in just fine, but the sound is off by
about +17 fine adjustments. :( My hunch is that the Philips tuner on the
newer cards are somehow not completely supported, but are very close. If
anyone has any ideas, patches, or suggestions, it would be of great help. =)
Just getting it on channel 4 with the sound sort of aligned would be great, as
the cable box will do the rest. :)

Here are the module parameters used to insert the modules into 2.1.111.

insmod i2c.o
insmod videodev
insmod algo-bit.o test=1 scan=1
insmod i2c-dev.o
insmod tuner debug=1 type=2
insmod msp3400
insmod bttv vidmem=0xe00 card=2

And the resulting kernel messages...

kernel: i2c module initialized.
kernel: Linux video capture interface: v0.01 ALPHA
kernel: i2c char device interface initialized.
kernel: bttv0: Brooktree Bt878 (rev 2) bus: 0, devfn: 80, irq: 11, memory:
kernel: bttv0: ioremap... request_irq (11)... pci busmaster... pci latency... ok
kernel: bttv: 1 Bt848 card(s) found.
kernel: i2c(bit): Adapter: bt848 #0 scl: 1 sda: 1 -- testing...
kernel: i2c(bit):1 scl: 1 sda: 0
kernel: i2c(bit):2 scl: 1 sda: 1
kernel: i2c(bit):3 scl: 0 sda: 1
kernel: i2c(bit):4 scl: 1 sda: 1
kernel: i2c(bit): bt848 #0 passed test.
kernel: bttv0: i2c reg: I2C char device (id 0xffffffff)
kernel: tuner: chip found @ 0x61
kernel: bttv0: i2c reg: i2c tv tuner chip (id 0x2)
kernel: bttv0: i2c reg: MSP3430G-A1 (id 0x1)
kernel: msp3400: init: chip=MSP3430G-A1, registered as sound mixer
kernel: i2c(bit): scanning bus bt848 #0.
kernel: i2c(bit): found chip at addr=0x40
kernel: i2c(bit): found chip at addr=0x50
kernel: i2c(bit): found chip at addr=0x61
kernel: bttv0: model: HAUPPAUGE


E-Mail: Phillip K. Hornung <>
Date: 25-Jul-98
Time: 21:51:58

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