Re: Is the boot logo politically correct?

Christof Damian (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 19:56:53 +0100

Johan Myréen wrote:
> This message is not intended as a moral sermon on the
> dangers of alcohol (I drink beer myself), but as a reminder
> that not all cultures look that lightly on alcohol, at least
> not officially.

I too, think that this is discrimination against non alcohol drinkers like
myself. At least there should be a choice between:

- beer
- a joint
- a pill
- a trip
- a glass milk
- one of these chinese crackers, which you can't stop eating until the bag
is empty and the other bag, and than you got to the shop and get more, and
thats just the beginning, ...
- ...

also it would be nice if we could change the length and greasiness of the
penguins hair, darkness below his eyes, size of eyes, ...

> I would guess the reaction of these people to the logo is
> about the same as how the average westener would react to an
> injection needle in the hand of the penguin...

- oh, forgot the needle

damian ;-) ( <--- <--- <--- see smiley )

btw: how do I switch the boot logo on anyway ?

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