VESA VGA Frame Buffer

Iusty Pop (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 00:26:15 +0300

After compiling and trying the 2.1.111 kernel for 2 days, I still can't
make it to boot into graphic mode with VESA Frame Buffer. My computer
is a 200MHz Pentium MMX, an Ali motherboard, 32MB SDRAM, 3D Labs
Permedia 2 graphics
chipset (the board is a Creative Labs Graphics Blaster Exxtreme
card with 4MB RAM). The bios is AMI Bios and I enabled some wierd
'Primary Frame Buffer: 4MB' and 'VGA Frame Buffer: Enabled' options. If
I compile with VGA Frame Buffer, I see at boot (or when I load it as a
fb0: VGA frame buffer device, using 32K of video memory
so it gets activated. When I pass a param to vesa (video=vesa:memmove)
it shows up in syslog, but it doesn't init vesa mode. Even when I
VGA frame buffer and use only vesa, nothing.
Looking in vesafb.c
(linux/drivers/video/vesafb.c) I saw that it has in __init__ function :
if (screen_info.orig_video_isVGA != VIDEO_TYPE_VLFB)
So I guess that the video mode init has to be done earlier, maybe in
linux/arch/i386/boot/video.S. But when I try to pass vga=??? parameter
the kernel it doesn't allow me to use 788 or 769 (0x200 =vesa + 0x114
=800x600x32K or +0x101 =640x480x256). My graphics card has VBE 2.0
Extensions, if I boot bare DOS with Shift-F5 at boot, and load vbetest
from sdd 6.51 it says Creative Labs Graphics Blaster bios, vbe 2.0.
I tryed to boot into dos, load univbe 6.51 which has vbe 3.0 and
then with loadlin to boot with vga=??? but the also it doesn't work
Invalid mode ID.
My kernel sources were a clean linux-2.1.108.tar.gz from and patches up to 2.1.111. With
after booting, it didn't print anything on the screen after:
Loading kernel....ok, it only scrolls down when normal. Just like
setting colors to black all, but after patching to 111 it
works ok now. Any hints?

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