RE: EISA machine + ISA SCSI card = linux nightmare

Juan Casero (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:22:33 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Folks -

If anyone has replied to this email I sent earlier please do so again. The
servers where my email was forwarded have gone down so that I no longer have
access to them. If you could please reply to my address at
I would be very grateful. I am in the process now of resubscribing to
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Thank you.

On 26-Jul-98 Juan Casero wrote:
> Hi Folks -
> I ma in desperate need of help here. I have a Compaq 486/25 EISA bus machine
> with an Adaptec AHA15222 ISA SCSI card in slot #2. The card itself is SCSI
> ID
> 7 and is terminated. Attached to this card are two devices a sony cdrom and
> an
> IBM SCSI disk. The former is the last device in the chain and is properly
> terminated the latter is in between the card and the cdrom. The SCSI disk
> has
> SCSI ID 0 and the cdrom SCSI ID 1. When the machine boot the adaptec card
> goes
> through its seqeunce of check and is able to detec the scsi devices. It
> assignes SCSI ID 0 as drive C and then starts to boot. I was able to install
> MSDOS 6.22 on the disk but I really need to install Linux on it as I want to
> make this machine a Linux server. Anyway the redhat boot kernels for both
> redhat 5.0 and redhat 5.1 are not able to see the scsi card. The slackware
> 3.1
> scsi kernel does see the card but as it boots I see all kinds of strange
> *error*
> messages. I suspect it is probing for devices since I can tell it is going
> through the chain and looking fo scsi devices 0,1,2,3,...6. I don't know if
> these are error messages or not but after it gets done looking for scsi id 6
> it
> then prompts for the second boot disk which i quickly proceed to give it. It
> boots up and allow me to login as root. Problem is I can't open any of the
> scsi devices with fdisk which are supposed to be available. I keep getting
> the
> *unable to open /dev/sdx* message where x = [a,b,c,d,etc..]. Can some help
> me
> out here? I have really been trying very hard to solve this on my own but it
> is like hitting a brick wall. Is there some special paramter I need to
> give
> the linux kernel to look for an ISA device in an EISA machine? I have
> configured this machine with the compaq configuration utilities and set the
> parameters on for slot 2 where the SCSI card resides as they are jumpered on
> the card. So at this point I am kind of lost.
> Thanks..........
> Juan Casero
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Juan Casero
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