Re: 2.1.111: IDE DMA disabled?

Aaron Tiensivu (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 18:26:56 -0400

> :-) True. Just as an aside, UDMA is being pushed up to 66MB/s. The newest
> chipset from VIA already does this, and Intel will probably release new
> chipsets too. The first ATA-66 drives should appear early in 1999.

MVP3 or something newer?

> 2) Never had any problems with IBM drives either. I have had almost every sing
> EIDE model they manufactured: 1.2Gb, 1.7Gb, 2.1Gb, 3.2Gb, 4.3Gb, 6.4Gb, 8.5Gb.
> All worked flawlessly in DMA mode2 and UDMA on the UDMA capable ones.

Some early 1.7GB drives had UDMA trouble if driven by a 83mhz bus but
considering that is REALLY overclocking the drive (and chipset), it's not
really much on an issue.

FWIW, I'm running a 6.4G and a 1.7G IBM drive at 83mhz currently with no
trouble.. ;-)

> - - Intel FX, VX, HX, TX: all OK from personal experience.
> - - SiS 5597/98: OK, but must keep the PCI clock at 33 MHz.
> - - Apollo: reports indicate it works fine.
> - - Promise card: OK
> - - Others: OK AFAIK

VXPro, and TXPro seem to have trouble but these are bottom of the
barrel-piece-of-shit chipsets that should have never been made and prolly
don't even do PIO Mode 4 correctly. Simplex...crapex..

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