Re: mount/smbmount (2.2. release)

Roderich Schupp (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:41:30 +0200

Peter Waltenberg <> said:
> Thats not quite correct, it'll work provided you don't have a libc-6
> based system. If you have libc-6, it won't compile. I.e. Redhat 5.0 or
> 5.1.
> Even with the "obvious" changes made to make smbmount and smbmnt
> compile I've still got problems with ownership of the mount points.
> (Effectively making it unusable).

The real problem is the header file /usr/include/linux/smb_mount.h.
Since this file is used to communicate between user space (mount
program) and kernel (implementation of mount syscall) it must use the
_kernel_ types for uid_t, mode_t etc. (For libc5, kernel types libc
types, that's why it works for libc5. For libc6 this is not true, e.g.
kernel uid_t is 16 bits while libc6 uid_t is 32 bits wide.)
smb_mount.h should read:

struct smb_mount_data {
int version;
__kernel_uid_t mounted_uid;
__kernel_uid_t uid;
__kernel_gid_t gid;
__kernel_mode_t file_mode;
__kernel_mode_t dir_mode;

This has been mentioned on the list before. Could someone
please fix it :)

Cheers, Roderich

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