Humor - Was: Is the boot logo politically correct?

Michael H. Warfield (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 20:41:25 -0400 (EDT)

Question: Is the boot logo politically correct?

Answer: I HOPE NOT!

We now take a break from the regularly scheduled off-topic rant to
bring you this humorous, but true to life, aside that is equally off-topic
but, perhaps, less annoying than the current thread...

Shawn Leas enscribed thusly:
> Those who are a little offended because of some sociopolitical or cultural
> thingy can take a chill pill (where they are legal).

> Maybe there will be a way to *choose* yer logo, or whatever. Personally,
> if someone from Amsterdam were to make a canibus leaf their official
> bootup logo for there great fast new OS named "HempOS (tm) New and
> improved, with extra THC!!!", I would not be offended, even tho I don't
> use it, and it is illegal here.

This is more than a little off topic, but what the hey... Maybe
this can lighten the discussion a little...

Here in Atlanta, Georgia, we have an interesting Pizza place called
the Mellow Mushroom (Eyebrows should be going up at this point). The modern
"icon" of the restaurant is currenly a "mellow looking" mushroom holding
a slice of pizza. Rumor (substantial) has it that this restaurant was
founded because some drug dealers in the 60's needed something to do with
their ill gotten profits (holy shades of Cheech and Chong, Batman!). :-)
The rumor is boosted by the fact that SEVERAL of the early restaurants have
the restaurant figurehead mushroom holding a roach (marijuana cigarette).
Now this is NOT rumor. I've been in one of the restaurants with the token
"toke'n" mushroom emblem emblazened on the wall. (For the benefit of the
"locals" that read this - I'm referring to the Roswell Road shop...)

Now, this is in a country (for you foreigners who are unfamilar
with US drug laws) where a business or home or any other personal property
may be confiscated and disposed of without trial if some law enforcement
agency decides that they think that it may have been used in or derived
from some sort of drug related traffic, business, or profit (much to the
profit of said enforcement agency). Fortunately for the Mellow Mushroom,
the statue of limitations had long since expired before these draconian laws
were enacted. So we have a well liked and well frequented, respectible
business, founded on drug money. WAY TO GO! More power to them!

Do any of the religious types, that are rampant down here, object to
the corporate object d'art symbol of this establishment? Well... The newer
ones have modified the symbol to something more conventional... But they
haven't removed the older ones either... Pizza pack'n or roach toten, it's
still a mushroom high on something other than reality and the psychedelic
colors they do some of the 'stools around the newer restaurants leave little
to doubt that someone had "quite a trip".

I think the roach tote'n mushroom could well rank right up there with
the "big chicken" down here (That's a southern inside joke, for anyone who
has no clue as to what I just said - so don't worry - you weren't expected
to understand it :-) ;-) :-> ).


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