[SMP] CPU fail after rebooting?

Chng Tiak-Jung (tiakjung@krdl.org.sg)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 11:13:35 +0800


I wonder whether am I the only one encountering this. After I have
tested kernel version 2.1.10x (to be exact, is 105, 108 and 109),
when I reboot the system, all the CPU except the main CPU were unable
to initialize. I have to boot up using the configuration disks, reset
the CPU status, then I can continue to boot properly.

My system here is a Compaq Proliant 1500 with Quad PPro 200MHz, no RAID,
Tulip network adaptor, NCR 53c825 SCSI, 256 MB memory.

Anyone experience the same thing? Or know what to track down the

BTW, I am currently using 2.1.56 and feel that the speed (system
network response) seems to be better than the newer 2.1.10x kernel. How
do I know did I configure anything incorrectly?

Thanks for any suggestion.


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