Question on modularizing the lance driver

Adam J. Richter (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 22:05:09 -0700

The comments in linux/drivers/net/lance.c suggest
that this driver could not be turned into a loadable module, because
it needs to allocate a big chunk of memory below the 16MB boundary.
However, it looks like this memory allocation is now done by
calling kmalloc with the flag GFP_DMA, which I believe is supposed
to allocate memory under the 16MB boundary for i386 platforms.
I have not found anything that would indicate that these kmalloc
calls would fail if executed later. I have modularized the lance
driver and compiled it, but do not have a lance card handy to
test it. So, if anyone could tell me if these kmalloc's are
supposed to fail if executed later, I would appreciate it.
Otherwise, I'll post the patch and invite people to test it.

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