[PATCH] 2.0.35: updated Jumbo -8 patch

Andrew Derrick Balsa (andrebalsa@altern.org)
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 07:21:47 +0200


Rev. 8 of the Jumbo patch against 2.0.35 is now available from:
(approx. 41KB file size)

The patch also applies OK against 2.0.36pre1, if you got that one already.

Changes from rev -7:
- The main change is that the patch now reverts linux/arch/i386/kernel/head.S
to the "cleaner" 2.0.34 head.S. So the kernel source is now 2KB shorter, after
one applies the patch. :-)

- rev. 7 of the Jumbo patch had a diff glitch (my fault) that ignored the new
bugs.h. Rev.8 fixes this, hopefully.

Changes from a stock 2.0.35:
These changes relate to four main areas:

CPU detection/reporting
- Fixes Cyrix 6x86 and 6x86L CPU detection.
- Greatly improves Cyrix CPU detection.
- Fixes bogomips calibration.
- Improves Intel CPU detection (partial port of code from 2.1.x).
- Improves AMD CPU detection, reports K6 buggy chips.
- Has extended capability flags detection for AMD CPUs (e.g. reports a new
"3dnow" flag).
- Inaugurates Centaur C6 detection.

TSC usage for timing/clock purposes
- Improves /arch/i386/kernel/time.c code on CPUs with a Time Stamp Counter (fast
code should work with APM now, also doesn't break with Centaur C6 step 0,
should be more accurate too).
- Reports MHz clock rates on CPUs with a TSC in /proc/cpuinfo.
- Calibrates TSC at boot time (drift and jitter free).

DMA mode2 and UDMA support
- Adds (U)DMA capabilities on non-Intel chipsets/PCI controller cards.
- Allows control of order of PCI EIDE controller/mainboard EIDE controller.
- Improves documentation of UDMA code (check the file
- The VIA debug code in the patched triton.c is particularly impressive,
reporting a complete set of timing parameters. Courtesy Michel Aubry.

Memory detection
- Adds > 64MB memory detection.
- Avoids odd (rare) keyboard problems at boot time.

This patch is the result of collective work by a relatively large number of
talented hackers: Rafael Reilova and Rob Dale for the CPU detection code (and
Richard Johnson for the bogomips fix), Andre M. Hedrick, Brion Vibber, Michel
Aubry for the (U)DMA code, Larry Augustin for the memory detection code, C.
Scott Ananian and Philip Gladstone for the new time.c code.

Patch status:
The status of the patch is: this code has been extensively exercized, tested
and debugged. It is very innovative in some areas, with code that is not even
available (yet) in kernels 2.1.x.

Please try it! We are as much interested in bug reports as in success stories.


Andrew D. Balsa

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