Modularize ipv4?

Adam J. Richter (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 03:35:31 -0700

OK. I've learned my lesson. I am going to ask on this list
before I accidentally duplicate somebody else's effort:

Has anybody taken a wack at modularizing ipv4 (i.e., internet

The primary benefit that I see in modularizing ipv4 would
be that it would free an enormous amount of space on a CDROM boot
floppy. Even the pcmcia CardBus drivers would fit on the floppy.

Other possible benefits would be space savings on solitary
machines or person machines when not connected to the internet under
certain circumstances, and perhaps the ability to modify the networking
software without bringing down the machine (although you would sever
all of the internet connections).

Moving as much of the kernel into loadable modules also
means that we could potentially get more space savings from going
to bzip2 for initial ramdisks without using a second copy of bunzip2
for the kernel itself.

Anyhow, any feedback would be appreciated.

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