Re: VESA VGA Frame Buffer

Martin Mares (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 12:37:14 +0200

> So I guess that the video mode init has to be done earlier, maybe in

Yes, you should use the "vga=..." parameter.

> linux/arch/i386/boot/video.S. But when I try to pass vga=??? parameter
> to
> the kernel it doesn't allow me to use 788 or 769 (0x200 =vesa + 0x114
> =800x600x32K or +0x101 =640x480x256). My graphics card has VBE 2.0
> Extensions, if I boot bare DOS with Shift-F5 at boot, and load vbetest
> from sdd 6.51 it says Creative Labs Graphics Blaster bios, vbe 2.0.
> I tryed to boot into dos, load univbe 6.51 which has vbe 3.0 and
> then with loadlin to boot with vga=??? but the also it doesn't work
> right:
> Invalid mode ID.

I have looked at the code and there are only three resons why it can
print "Invalid mode ID":

o The BIOS doesn't recognize the mode at all.
o The BIOS reports that the mode doesn't support linear framebuffer
o The BIOS is unable to set up the mode with linear framebuffer.

[Gerd, can you write few lines about this to the documentation?]

Have a nice fortnight

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