re: p-c logo

Brian K. White (
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:08:42 -0400

[...stuff about a beer being equivalent to a syringe and maybe we should
de-funify the logo to cater to those excessively repressed who may find it so
as to actually have an impact on their assesment of the OS...]

ok, let's just assume I've already ranted and raised several devastatingly
reasons why it'd be stupid and shortsighted and even immoral! to worry about
stuff like that, move on to the part where I just cast my vote.
( I do have the ammo, it's just that I realize so does everyone else, and this
is heated-discussion-thread-fodder if ever I've seen any :)

<> votes leave it

besides, if you subscribe to the notion of "world domination" and I'm not
saying you should, or that I do, but you referenced the catch-phrase to further
your point, so I counter, what does world domination have to do with world



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