Re: VESA VGA Frame Buffer

Martin Mares (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:49:46 +0200


> I'm afraid this stuff is still in the realms of a mystery and I've had a good
> read of the docs and this list.

I'm afraid you didn't read the docs too well...

> On VGA=ask, I get 2 modes that are VESA (7) 0308 (128x25) and (8) 030A
> (132x43).

Both of these modes are _text_ modes, not _graphics_ modes. Vesafb is a
graphics driver, so it's of no use specifying a text mode.

> With VGA_CONSOLE I get the old stream of message output and I've given
> the lilo prompt ...
> vga="ask,mode=0778"
> vga=vesa:redraw

I'm sure you didn't find these options anywhere as both of them make no sense.

> vga=ask

Just use "vga=ask" and enter mode "0303" to get 800x600x8.

> Next try, I compiled a kernel without VGA_CONSOLE and gave it the command line
> vga=0778, at this point it goes to "Loading Linux......", I next get
> "Uncompressing Linux", then a black screen below, no logo and I can log in blind

Yes, it's because you didn't set the correct mode and the frame buffer driver
didn't ever initialize.

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