Is drivers/sound/msnd_classic.h politically correct?

Zachary Amsden (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 10:57:53 -0400

The line
#define TIME_PRO_SYSEX 0x400
is clearly a reference to the fact that the linux
kernel is pro-sex. Perhaps it should be changed
to something less offensive like
#define TIME_NO_OFFENSE 0x400

And include/asm-arm/hardware.h seems to indicate
a reference to bestiality, I think we should get
rid of the line
#define IOMD_MOUSEX __IOMD(0x0A0)

And doesn't anyone find it offensive that most
of the comments in the kernel source are in
English? I think we should put the comments into
Esparanto and distribute the source in unicode to
be more politically correct.

And on doing a
grep -i high `find . -name '*.[chs]'` | wc
I find 1835 references to the word high in the
kernel. Clearly these could be considered drug
related and should be changed.

grep -i tall `find . -name '*.[chs]'` | wc
give 869 references to tall people, and
grep -i short `find . -name '*.[chs]'` | wc
gives an astounding 8402. Clearly this isn't
fair to tall people. I advocate that we should
create a special file, tall.c that balances the
number of references we have to tall and short

About the only thing the kernel seems to have
got right is a comparable number of references
to both black and white.

Obviously this is example is exaggerated
(slightly). If we let the linux kernel of this
list become "PC aware" we will have such bogosity
on our hands

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