Re: Kernel lockups with 2.0.3x

Balaji Srinivasan (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 09:01:39 -0700 (PDT)

> But you need to run X to trigger it. That pretty much has to be
> either an X11 or hardware bug

Well this problem might not be related to the one we are having
here but here it goes...
As some of you know, we at the University of Kansas have developed
a Microsecond resolution timer support for the linux kernel (ie
timers can be added with usec resolutions). The problems we have
is related somehow to the new fast timer code (this is new to the 2.1
series) If we use UTIME, the fast timer code and X and let
X go idle then there is a hard lock up within an hour or so.
But if we either revert back to the old timer implementation (ie the
linked list) or if we dont keep X idle then the hard lockup does not
occur (atleast for a few days). So there seems to be some interaction
of the fast timer implementation and X. or there is some really wierd
bug in X.

just thought id let all of you know...that way we have more brains
working on the problem

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