Re: Modularize ipv4?

Matti Aarnio (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 19:11:47 +0300 (EEST)

> From: "Adam J. Richter" <>
> Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 03:35:31 -0700
> Has anybody taken a wack at modularizing ipv4 (i.e.,
> internet support)?
> Matti Aarnio did some shots at this, with moderate success.
> He never got around to ever polishing it up completely and fixing the
> last few bugs.

Yes, if I recall correctly, it became somewhat hostile
at rmmod:ing IPv4 -- crashed then...
... but you do insmod it once, and let stay in, don't you ?

I will have a look at it again.

> I consider this a 2.3.x project, and too late for 2.2.x


> Later,
> David S. Miller

/Matti Aarnio

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