Re: VM: Found a writable swap-cached page!

Anders Melchiorsen (
27 Jul 1998 18:36:38 +0200

Bill Hawes <> writes:

> > This can be reproduced if you use nestscape simultaneous with your
> > favorite console svgalib application (squake, zgv etc).
> >
> > Jul 27 02:21:25 atlas kernel: VM: Found a writable swap-cached page!
> > Jul 27 02:21:25 atlas kernel: page=c0226330@00084800, found=c0226330,
> > count=3
> Are you sure you're getting this with 2.1.111? The apparent cause of this
> problem was fixed recently, in 2.1.109 IIRC.

I also saw the problem, that was with 2.1.110. I would be happy to
apply any patch to help track it down. I was definately not running
svgalib stuff but maybe Dosemu.

I am getting a different error, but only when shutting down (I

try_to_unuse: entry <address> not in use

I do not have this written down as it is from memory (it does not get
logged, it seems). Is this something to worry about?

Regards, Anders
(address is valid)

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