RE: HELP 2.1.108/SMP: Oops + Trace, inode 08:11/62243 still has locks!

Jordan Mendelson (
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 13:23:00 -0400

> > Linux 2.1.108/SMP
> > PC Chips M720 Dual Proc MB w/ 2 P2 266's
> > 256 Megs of RAM
> > SMC EtherPower Eth (Tulip)
> > Buslogic bt-948
> > 2 4.3 Gig SCSI hd's (queue depth 28)
> > 1 4 gig DAT (queue depth 3)
> >
> > Why can't I keep any of my machines working? Argh, every single day it's
> > just crash after crash after crash. It takes so damn long to write the
> > Oops messages that sometimes I can't wait since they are production
> > machines.. I had to run 2.1.x on the SMP box since 2.0.x didn't boot.
> If 2.0.x wouldnt even boot on that machine I would be somewhat concerned.
> There isnt anything in that hardware that should fail with 2.0.x - what
> happens on a 2.0.x boot

It's been a while, but I believe it dies during APIC detection... it's real
early on. As far as I can tell, no kernel previous to 2.1.108 would boot on
this machine, however I only tried a few when I got it (2.1.106, 2.0.33,

2.0.x works fine in non-SMP however. My other machines (Supermicro P120
boards) crash all the time, no particular reason.. no oops, just straight
hang or an oops scrolling so fast that I can't copy it down even if I want
to with 2.0.x. Heck, the 3c59x card in one of the boxes locks up all the
time (ifconfig eth0 down/up fixes, but breaks gated so I have to restart

I don't think I've ever gotten a usable oops written to disk... I just wish
I could insert a disk into the drive and have it write the oops to it on a
crash.. would make my life easier :)

I must have really bad luck since one of the Supermicro's was up for 8
months straight, and now I'm lucky if it goes 8 days.


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