Can't Boot Since 2.1.110..

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I have been having trouble with 2.1.11x on 1 box that I have. It is
an SMP box with 1 processor (for the moment). I have a Dual Proc ASUS
MB, with the '100mhz' bus & PC100 SDRAM (I think that's what it is
called). In any event, since 2.1.109 I have not been able to boot from
it. Suppose I called the new kernel image label 'kx'. I type in 'kx'
at the lilo prompt, hit enter, and this is what I get:

'loading kx'

Then nothing. It just hangs there. No happy dots. No nothing. No
beep, no errors. I have let it sit for about 2 minutes. Same behavior
for 2.1.111, and 2.1.110. Three other machines run on kernels compiled
on this box. (2 UP pentiums, ide + Adaptec 2940U , and 1 UP 486 with No
Ide, and an Adaptec 2840)

I have no idea what to do.



System Info:
Linux Dist: Redhat v5.1
Proc: 1 266 Mhz P-II
Memory: 64 meg.

Mass Storage: IDE 100% disabled
SCSI Card: Adaptec 2940 UW (Bios 1.32) with 1 Toshiba CD Rom, and
2 UW IBM SCSI HD's (4 gig). (I have the ID's set to 13 & 14) the boot
drive being 13. (The reason for this is I am planning to attach 7
CDROM's for out CD Tower, and they are all Narrow.)
Video: AGP Diamond 3d 4000.
PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard (Which the mouse does not work, I suppose I will
have to change the MB - aside from that everything else is working)

glibc 2.0.7, gcc v2.8.1

If you need more info, I will provide it.

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