Re: VesaFB / VGAfb on 3DLab Permedia2

Iusty Pop (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 02:32:37 +0300

Etienne Lorrain wrote:
> Hi,
> That is just a report that this vesa 2.0 compatible
> video card is not working on 2.1.111:
Actually, it's working, but only after loading
univbe (vesa tsr) and booting with loadlin, not lilo.
> LILO: linux video=vesa vga=ask
> when "scan", only text mode are reported,
> none of 0303 0788 ... are accepted.
This is normal, the vesa graphic modes are not supposed
to show up.
> LILO: linux video=vga
> even does not work.
> In the two options, the screen is approximately
> correct until the first scroll and the line:
> console: colour VGA 80x25
> Then, nothing reach the screen, but I can connect
> blindly and start X.
> Note: this card even crash the DOS software WHATVGA,
> and is more a wincard a la winmodem... It seems to
> be a VESA 2.0 card without BIOS graphic mode...
That's right!
> I am not sure of the "config", but I answered Y to
> approximately everything (grin) - I still had a
> "#warning what do we do here" or something like that
> in fbmem.c...
> Etienne.
BTW, my card is a Creative Labs Graphic Blaster Exxtreme, if
yours is something else, this may not apply.

Iusty Pop

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