Re: PATCH: combo 30,000fd, 2Gig swap, dynamic superblock, async I/O patch

Anders Melchiorsen (
28 Jul 1998 01:28:20 +0200 (Alan Cox) writes:

> > What kind of debugging information can be of help in a situation like
> > this? I did an strace but it seems like I redirected it to somewhere I
> > cannot locate now :-(. The last call was something with |ASYNC or'ed
> > in the arguments, I think. Not much help, I know. Before I run the bad
> Strace is the ideal one. I'll go and install xemacs and have a play. It
> should all work as its been working in the -ac* patches for a while. I
> need to figure out what came apart when I split it

grep'ing throug an strace from the working XEmacs I now recall that it
was this call that seemed to fail:


If this is enough info I would appreciate not having to put the patch
back in and recompile the stuff. :-).

Regards, Anders
(address is valid)

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