Re: VESA VGA Frame Buffer

Sid Boyce (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 01:04:57 +0000

Paul <> wrote:
+So, to boot in 800x600/256 (mode 0x0103+0x0200 = 0x0303 = 771) you
+can either enter vga=771 to LILO (on the prompt or in lilo.conf) or
+you can enter vga=ask and enter 0303 on the video selection prompt
+that turns up as the very first part of booting.
Sid Boyce writes:
I see the confusion, lilo needs decimal and the VGA mode prompt needs
hexadecimal. I did try various settings, some of which should have worked, so I
think the real problem was not having CONFIG_FB_VGA as well as CONFIG_FB_VESA
set. Both machines now have kernels compiled with both in.
I only just did the following on my second machine with CL-5446 2 Meg........
vga=0771, it gives an error "you passed an undefined mode" and goes to the VGA
mode prompt (the same for vga=771).
At the VGA mode prompt, I gave it 0330, it came back with an "undefined mode
ID" message and the prompt again, I gave it (6) 80x60 (??) and the frame buffer
switch took place, though on this card it just spat out a few lines at a time
near the top mostly and eventually the bottom part of the screen turns to
strange flashing graphic blocks, I logged in blind and started X.
The Stealth 3D 3000 4 Meg needs the same sort of convoluted setup, except you
get the standard motd/login prompt, with no messed up VC's.
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