Lazy FPU gone from x86 platform

Adam J. Richter (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:38:16 -0700

I see that the lazy FPU save and restore optimization have
been removed from the latest 2.1 kernel. The comment in
arch/i386/kernel/process.c says "Lazy FP saving no longer makes any
sense with modern CPU's, and this simplifies a lot of things (SMP
and UP become the same)."

I noticed this today when I decided to try to update my patch
for SMP lazy FPU restore (but not lazy save if ncpus>1), after having
finally written a simple benchmark. This patch reduces the differences
between uniprocessor and SMP, although not as much as removal of lazy
floating point saves and restores.

When I originally wrote that patch, I was motivated by some
remarks claiming that the performance difference could be as high as
30% (perhaps for older CPU's?) for some benchmarks, but I had not gotten
around to writing a benchmark to test this patch until now. So, I am
rather curious to know if lazy FPU save and restore is worthwhile or not,
or if the truth is really not known.

I would be happy to update my SMP lazy FP patch and submit it
for integration, but if it is known that this is not worth doing, I'd
like to know.

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