list of binfmt_misc settings

Adam J. Richter (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 04:57:59 -0700

Is anybody out there collecting binfmt_misc settings?

For those of you unfamiliar with binfmt_misc, it is an
interface in /proc, that allows you tell the kernel to run different
interpreter programs, based on byte patterns found in any program that
a user tries to exec and is not recognized as being any other executable

In this way, one could run just about any executable for
which an emulator exists, just like any native executable.

I would like to collect just about every such setting under
the sun; however, here are some settings that I am particularly interested

o All formats that can be run by loading the iBCS module and
o DOS programs that dosemu can run.
o MS-Windows programs for which WinE is probably the better emulator.
o MS-Windows programs for which Twin is probably the better emulator.
o Atari ST programs
o zx81 programs

I would like to assemble this into an /etc/rc.d file that
people can put into their systems (perhaps editing with correct paths
to the emalators and installing some helper shell scripts in some
cases). That way people could just drop this onto their system have
all of these emulators called automatically when necessary. I think
this would do wonders for DOS/Windows emulation, just by encouraging
more people to try it.

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