Bus master DMA on a dual PPro box

Bas Mevissen (sgm@stack.nl)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:38:21 +0200

Hi all,

On my dual PPro Linux box (with Tyan S1668 motherboard, with Intel 440FX
chipset), the bus master DMA and/or UltraDMA does not work. I have a WDC 6.4
Gb disk on it (only device on the primary channel).

I tested it with kernel 2.0.34 and 2.1.103. Both wait long at the partition
detection and then reset the bus, telling me the chipset is not fully
Trition 2 compatible. There was also a message about not being able to probe
the interrupts. They are setup as usual (14&15) and not being used by
anaything else, not even the video card.

Can someone give me a hint about how to solve this or what other information
I should give before my problem can be solved? BTW. I already use the latest
bios (5.01) for the board.

Please cc a copy of your answer to me (sgm@stack.nl) as I am not on this

Many thanks in advance,


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