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> That's too bad.
> > How is the NetBEUI support coming along? Will I be happy or do I
> > have to continue making manual backups?

>> It was removed altogether from the kernel a while back because the code
>> that was there did not work and was so broken it was not likely to ever
>> work. I think the general consensus was the protocol sucked so hard that
>> it was not worth supporting.
>> This seems a shame as Linux supports a lot of other things that suck but
>> there you go.

>You may still be able to do it in user space using a raw packet
>socket, though.

You wouldn't even need promiscuous mode. NetBEUI broadcasts everything.
It has been banned on most college campuses because of the horrible
traffic problems it causes. At CMU, if you run NetBEUI, even if not
on purpose, your ethernet jack is disconnected within hours.

If your software is that legacy, given enough time, it will break
and you'll be screwed. If this company doesn't make a newer version
of their product, look elsewhere.

Zachary Amsden

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