Several 2.1.111 question/problems

Tyson Bigler (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 11:16:33 -0500 (CDT)

>>> > It seems that 2.1.111 breaks something in ifconfig because it doesn't
>>> > show the alias interfaces when it is invoked just as ifconfig.
>>> > An ifconfig eth0:0, for example, is working ok.
>>> > I'm using net-tools-1.45 and the kernel is not SMP. This is
>>> > reproducible on two different machines with the same kernel but
>>> > totally different hardware configuration.
>>> > Is this a bug or I'm missing something?
>>> Hmm.. I should get around to upgrading :)
>>> [root]:# ifconfig --version
>>> net-tools 980213
>>> ifconfig 1.32 (1998-02-09)
>>> ..shows all interfaces correctly in 2.1.111 though, so I'd guess it's
>>> not a kernel problem but rather the tools.
>>I think that your net-tools are older then main. Just take a look at this:
>>root@ecoland:~# ifconfig -V
>>net-tools 1.45
>>ifconfig 1.33 (1998-03-02)
> In fact I'm using the tools that are recommended by Changes file.
> I had the same problem--when using a 2.0.xx kernel
> ifconfig reported the alias correctly.
> using a 2.1.1xx kernel it would not report the
> alias. The way it was explained to me was the
> /proc/net/alias (or something like that) was
> not in the 2.1.1xx kernels. Someone took it
> out but why no one seems to know why. Makes no
> sense to me.

I just upgraded to the 2.1.111 kernel a few days ago from 2.0.35. I wanted
to have support for my radio card and to get to play with the "new" (I know
2.1.x has been around for a while ;-D) kernel. I've usually done well with
setting things up (been using linux since 0.99 days), but I'm stumped on a
couple of things (through ignorance, I'm sure). I upgraded everything listed
in the Changes file. I think I have what I need, I just don't know what I'm
not doing (or doing that I shouldn't be)...

I can't get *any* network devices working (ppp0 and eth0). Unix sockets and
the like seem to be fine. I am *assuming* this has to do with OSPF, but what
do I know (I'm not a network admin).

I hacked my PPP dialer to not pass the +ua flag to pppd. Now it gets past
the first step and actually dials out. However, when it trys to ifconfig the
device it pukes complaining about "no usable address families" (OSPF?). It
also complains when doing a 'route' (families again).

My ethernet card does not get "booted" either, complaining too about address
families. Now the X-term I have for my wife isn't working! You can imagine
the hell I'm catching right now... ;-D

I too am using net-tools 1.45 and ifconfig doesn't work (as I would expect).
It complains about (you guessed it) address families.

So, the burning question for this long, drawn out message is: what the heck
are address families and how/where do I define them? Is this ipfwchains? I
used to use ipfwadm (mainly for ip_acct), so compiled in firewall support
(but didn't seen the IP Accounting option -- I read this is now handled in
/proc/net/dev automatically). Then I thought this may be causing the address
family problem so I recompiled without firewall support.... Same thing. So,
is this not ipfwchain and something to do with OSPF? Something entirely

Do I need to comment out 'route' statements in my init scripts as suggested
somewhere in the 2.1.x upgrade documentation?

Lastly, my dang radio card isn't working properly (the initial purpose in
upgrading to 2.1.x anyway). I have a RadioTrack (Aimslab) card. I have
tried various frontends (cRadio/gRadio being my preferred choice). There are
couple of odd problems:
1) I can't turn the card off! Well, if I set the config to not turn
the card on when the app is launched I can exit the running app
(leaving the card on) and launch the app again, thus turning it
off. This is obviously not the preferred way of turning something
on and off.
2) The turner is totally wacko!! First and foremost it does not tune
to what it claims to be tuning to... Second, I pick up multiple
stations on the "same" freq when turning up and then back
down to the same freq. It's very hard to find the station I want
this way. I tune up, down, up, down, etc. (always back and forth
to the "same" freq) stepping through different stations until
I find the one I want.
3) The volume controls don't do anything to the card.

Someone, *anyone*, help this poor idiot! ;-D



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