Re: Is the boot logo politically correct?

Meino Christian Cramer (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:58:12 -0000 (???)


IMHO it is not that important to think about,
what it right or wrong about this or that
boot logo.

Of importance it is only, what COULD people
think about this or that boot logo. It is
completly without importance whether these thoughts
are right or wrong.

It is a kind of public relations (wrong word? sorry...).
The german "multiuser/multitasking magazin" "iX" reports,
that the german organisation of physician ("Deutsche Aerztekammer"
-- don't know the exact word...sorry again ;-) will recommend
LINUX for "fragile data" savings and backups instead
of Lost Downs NT...

If I think of a doctor booting Linux on his PC watching a
Penguin with a beer in its hands...

Nothing against Pengos with beers -- but I think we have
to distinguish between a macot and a brand mark, which has
to be more "serious" .

People first LOOK before THINKING.

Windowns wins MARKETs with a colored something. It stands
for ... NOTHING, it is saying nothing.
That's why people buys Windowns thinking of it as of a
colored something with does nothing .. sorry ... it DOES
crash...I forgot... ;-)

People, who do think more or even twice, have their doubts
about Windowns.

Ok, if we want to win markets also -- more in a logical than
in a commercial way -- we should have something which is as
much as possible NOT offensive, regardless the fact, that
people could be too sensitive or even wrong in being offended
by a beer drinking pengo. It doesn't matter. Those people
possibly do not install Linux.

Or in short: We should have a brand mark (and use the pengo as
mascot) which satisfy as much people as possible, so that as much
people as possible would decide for Linux.

I am interested in comments ;-)


E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
Date: 28-Jul-98
Time: 17:58:12

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