RE: OFF-TOPIC: Congrats to Mr. Linus Torvalds

Sid Boyce (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:38:31 +0000

Corman wrote:
Mr. Torvalds,

I'd like to start off by saying that you are doing one hell of a great job
with Linux. Also, thank yous go out to everyone and anyone who as
contributed to Linux. I wanted to congratulate Mr. Torvalds on his article
in Forbes magazine. You are turning into quite a celebrity! Keep up the
good work!


Sid Boyce writes:
I well remember 1992 when I was on a 10 week class in Dublin and downloaded the
first release of Linux. I could just boot it on the 2 Meg laptop I had. When I
got home, I cleared one of my partitions, installed it and quickly realised that
it looked very useful, especially compared with my Minix and the porting
difficulties I experienced there.
One day, I suddenly realised I didn't need Minix on my machine anymore, just
"shoelace" was left to boot up with.
I was not put off by Prof. Tannenbaum bemoaning that Linux was not going
anywhere because it was a monolithic kernel, to me it looked damned good.
I think right back then I realised this was something out of the ordinary and
soon it made light of the efforts of the Williams Company.
Linus is certainly worth the accolades he gets, it was a visionary move whether
realised it at the time or not, sometimes all it takes to cause an avalanche is
the movement of one snowflake.
I have seen many attempts in the past to rank Linux as 5th. rate, I've heard
taunts of "Boy's Own Unix" to equate here in the UK with the old Boy's Own
comic. An impressive list of about turns can be seen now. There are still
detractors, some of whom will be using Linux in the future. I always reckon that
even negative publicity is good for the spread of Linux.
Linus couldn't have done a better job with a 100 million dollar glisty TV ad
campaign and the competition is increasingly looking like her ladyship, fur coat
and no knickers, they know it as they watch their wardrobes burn.
I would join your sentiments to the full team of contributors.

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