A major Y2K resource link site

silkmoth plc (y2ksavers@silkmoth.com)
28 Jul 98 17:31:44 GMT

We have created a website at www.y2ksavers.com and from previous experience expect 250,000 visitors per month to visit the site and about 50,000 downloads per month of the screensavers.

We operate a link for a link policy and would be happy to add your website to our "other resources" page which will generate tremendous through-traffic to your site. We have prepared a web page at:


for this purpose. Please take a little time to view the rest of the site starting at:


and consider the benefits it offers you.

The site contains the official y2k screensaver engine which is a highly configurable countdown screensaver for the PC platform. This screensaver has many features such as user defined scrolling messages which can be read from a text file on a network....great for keeping corporate network users aware of new projects and developments within the user company.

Stunning 3D imagery and animations keep the screensaver interesting which in turn means that it will stay on the users’ machines.

Countdown date can be changed to meet internal Year 2000 project deadlines.

The registered user can even add their own splash screen and text message then re-distribute the screensaver to their clients.

We apologise for any unwanted intrusion via this e-mail but hope you see the benefits we are offering.

Thank you,

silkmoth plc


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