Re: Is the boot logo politically correct?

david (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 11:42:35 -0700

Reply to mail from Alex Buell about Is the boot logo politically correct?
> That's precisely what I have in mind; and also I plan to make it
> possible fotr users to have different sized logos.
> On some 1600x1280 screens it looks like a postage stamp!

i would suggest progression to a lilo option "logo=1280x1024x24,/boot/logo.jpg"

images size and depth, then the image. specific support for the format
could be a kernel option.

this would allow vendors to make their own logo for that eye candy selling
point and keep the image out of the kernel's footprint.

a friend of mine came up with an idea several months ago and we were going
to start implementing it but for lack of time.

a full screen logo background, boot status bars, a text box for boot messages.

think of an X desktop with a transparent rxvt or so for the boot messages
and pretty progress meters / lite up icons for completed boot sequence

this is certainly not a small project, but i think it would be a huge hit
for everyone liking eye candy.

we do have the most advanced OS in the world...let's strut our stuff.



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