Re: Soundblaster getting 2 DMA channels?

Yves Colombani (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 20:09:06 +0100

Have a look at /usr/src/linux/drivers/sound/
>The SB16 needs two DMA channels. A 8 bit one (1 or 3) is required for
>8 bit operation and a 16 bit one (5, 6 or 7) for the 16 bit mode. In theory
>it's possible to use just one (8 bit) DMA channel by answering the 8 bit
>one when the configuration program asks for the 16 bit one. This may work
>in some systems but is likely to cause terrible noise on some other systems.

I have a SB (Vibra) 16 Pnp which requires two 8 bit DMA (cf doc of the card).
The Linux driver is expecting one 8 and one 16... and it complains each time
the sound module is loaded:
>SB16: Bad or missing 16 bit DMA channel

...but works just fine (with 8 and 16 bit sound)!
I think it uses only the first DMA channel (8bit) as explained in the 'Readme'.

What doing with the second DMA channel ???


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