Serial problem in 2.1.111

McGee, Chris (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:40:37 -0500

I had an interesting problem last night- pppd refused to start
(odd), so I sent an "at" to my external modem. (echo "at">/dev/ttyS1).
This caused DTR to come up, and the console to hang. I gave it a
minute, then hit ctrl-c, resulting in a "system process interrupted"
message and a return to my shell (the DTR light also went off).
I reset the modem (no result), unplugged the serial cable from
the pc (no result), sent text to ttyS0, which behaved normally (there is
no device on the port, but it didn't hang the console :) )
The device file was correctly created (character device, major
4, minor 65 if I recall. It was the same as ttyS0 with a +1 increment to
the minor number).
A fuser -uv on the file revealed nothing. I'm not running a
getty or anything like that on the port; this is a home workstation PC.

At this point I was annoyed and needed to check something on the
web, so I booted the box. As soon as it came up, the device was behaving
itself again, and life went on.

SMP i86, 2.1.111, glibc2.



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