Re: execve

david (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:58:39 -0700

>> This was usefull once upon the time (in the a.out days, argc==0 told the
>> dynamic linker to do the ldd things). Apart from that neither ANSI C nor
>> POSIX forbid argc == 0, thus it's a bug in the applications (they
>> shouldn't be dereferencing argv[0] if it's NULL). So it's not a kernel
>> problem.
> many programs depend on argv[0] to see what they were called as.

if the program crashes because it's attempting to dereference NULL, it's
broke. it doesn't matter if it is argv[0] or *pointerXYZ.

this is a userland problem, not a kernel issue.

the parent application should provide argv[0] if the child expects it.


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