Re: 2.1.112 zImage balloons 23K over 2.1.111

Andi Kleen (
29 Jul 1998 01:04:32 +0200

Pete Clements <> writes:

> Subject says it all.

The new lock_kernel/unlock_kernel implemenetation. Non SMP kernels don't

Just do the math: 187 system calls in 2.1.112, nearly all of them
do lock_kernel/unlock_kernel as inline code, lets say a lock/unlock pair
needs 150 bytes, then 170[1] * 150bytes = 24k [probably more because
zImage is compressed]

Linus, how about moving the slow part (that loops) of the lock out-of-line,
just to give the L1 Icache a bit more air to breath?


[1] to account for the few calls that don't lock

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