Ques: Debugging kernel hangs

Jeff Millar (jeff@wa1hco.mv.com)
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 20:29:17 -0400

We have an unusual Linux setup using a VMEbus single board PC and a home
grown memory mapped image processing card. We wrote a device driver that
mmaps the card and handles interrupts. This has all worked well for
several months, but now we've started getting hangs...total system freeze
up. we just increased the load on the system a bit and ran a slightly more
complex user application and bang, lock up in 5 seconds.

How do we debug this thing? We don't know how to get the systems attention
other than reset nor how to get any debugging information that might be
lying around in memory.

Some system configuration info...

V2.1.95 kernel
PCI to VME bus bridge
16 MB memory mapped image processing card
Application feeds commands to device driver buffer
"command complete" interrupt pulls next command from buffer
Only one card at a time in the system



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