Re: kmod problem: caused by DevFS

Richard Gooch (Richard.Gooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:01:52 +1000 writes:
> Hi,
> I've tried out 2.1.112-pre-2 with and without DevFS:
> The kmod problem only exists in the DevFS version.
> After lpd runs in the system startup, I get one of the
> kmod: waitpid(blah) = -512
> errors, and on occasion when I logout of a VT. It occurs in other instances,
> but I have not been able to trace the source of those incidents.
> It never happened when trying non-devfs 2.1.112-pre-2

What is the full contents of your /etc/modules.conf file?
BTW: please just respond directly to me: the kernel list is busy
enough as it is :-(



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