Re: module name clash

Krzysztof G. Baranowski (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 04:07:24 +0200 (CEST) wrote:
> That's not an answer, either. The .o file could be constructed from
> an incremental link.
Doh ! When I put my head while writing my previous post ;-)
Anyway, the better answer is just to verify the Makefiles in kernel
source tree. I mean some sort of:

find . -name Makefile -exec grep M_OBJ {} \; | grep -v TARGET \
| grep -v : | awk '{print $3}' | uniq -c | sort -n -r

...and the duplicated entries are catched very quickly. I know that
most of them are just bogus due to multiple entries in Makefile (eg.
bsd_comp.o in drivers/net) but you get the idea. There is no need
for centralized registry of module names.


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