Re: Problem compiling 2.1.111,112 on Alpha/RH5.1

Takashi Ishidoshiro (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 14:39:20 +0900

At 23:52 7/28/98, Chris Adams wrote:
> I am trying to compile 2.1.112 on my Alpha UDB under Red Hat 5.1 which
> uses egcs-1.0.2 (release 8 from RH, the latest). The compile fails in
> mm/page_alloc.c:

I could compile and boot 2.1.112 on my Alpha LX164 system.
System is based on Mr.Kazushige Goto's <>
compiled japanese environment.
Using gcc 2.8.1, without SMP, without fb, without scsi, with ide,
with tulip, with proc_fs(and sysctrl), change '#if 1' in irq.c
line #1006 to '#if 0' for avoiding reboot time error message
caused by tulip.
I ran about 2 hours right now but has no problem at this point.
Long future, sorry, I don't know....;)

If you need more detailed environment etc. please ask me.

Takashi Ishidoshiro
R&D Manager / Advanced technology group / MELCO Inc. Japan
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