TCPv4 Checksum errors

Thomas Zehetbauer (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 08:23:06 +0200

I have reported this problem after I was unable to download a
particular file (mentioned URL earlier).

Upon request from Alan Cox I have already sent the tcpdump.

Since I use a monolithic kernel VJ compression can't be the problem
(isn't available).

Machine load could have an impact - I am running the rc5-64 and
mprime client so my machine load is almost about 2. Will try this...


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> Date: 29 Jul 1998 01:47:29 GMT
> Subject: Re: 2.1.111 TcpIpV4 Checksum Errors
> Greg Crider <> wrote:
> > This error was mentioned the other day. Alan Cox asked from some tcpdumps.
> > Has anyone resolved the problem or provided the dumps? This problem is
> > fairly prevalent on my system.
> I've seen these in my system too but only over PPP (both peers being
> Linux boxes). Someone suggested the messages appear when the machine
> is very loaded, and I think I've seen I've got the messages under
> these situations (machine loading netscape or compiling).
> The message went away when I disabled VJ compression on the PPP link.
> peloy.-

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