RE: SMP = dropped packets?

Simon M Tuckwell (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 10:22:27 +0100


I've have the same problem with SMP using: v2.1.x; dual PII 233, RealTek
8029 (ne2k-pci), WinTV (bttv), scsi etc.

CPU load doesn't seem to be a factor for this system, but when a tv
window is open & active, the driver starts to lose packets with a
variety of log messages such as "interrupt received while tx busy"
(can't remember the exact texts, but can supply if asked). After this
happens a few times, the network interface dies.

Since the ne2k-pci driver was released, I've been able to recover by
ifconfig down; rmmod ne2k-pci; insmod; ifconfig up. With the last two
or three kernel releases, I haven't needed to remove the module, and
often the interface recovers by itself.

Anyone know where the problem lies here? Seems that it could be SMP,
bttv or the net card drivers.


Simon M Tuckwell
Senior Technical Consultant, Diagonal Information Systems Tel. 01252 736633  Fax. 01252 736777  Mbl. 07970

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