Re: Console dead key bug (all kernels)

Andreas Schwab (
29 Jul 1998 11:52:42 +0200

Claus Hindsgaul Hansen <> writes:

|> I have found a bug in the linux console. It is present in 2.0.35,
|> 2.0.36pre1, 2.1.110-2.1.112pre2. I have not tried a kernel WITHOUT seeing
|> the bug, so I believe, it is present in all of them.
|> I am using a "dead keys" keyboard layout ("dk-latin1"). The flaw is, that
|> the dead keys sticks with the console to the next command line, if it is
|> the last key pressed before a <return>. I guess, an example will be easier
|> to understand (obtained with 2.1.112pre2):
|> [pbk2906@qake /]$ cd (Keypresses: "c" "d" " " "~" "<return>")
|> [pbk2906@qake pbk2906]$~ls (Keypresses: "l" "s" "<return>")
|> bash: ~ls: command not found
|> In other words, the "~" is neither printed nor removed from the keyboard
|> buffer, but parsed on BOTH command lines!

Why do you think that the ~ is parsed on the first line? Remember that cd
alone is the same as `cd $HOME'.

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