Oops in 2.0.35

Sean Garagan (garagan@borg.cs.dal.ca)
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 07:59:09 -0300

Hi all,

I have gotten a kernel oops in 2.0.35. I have also gotten GPFs with this
kernel and they all seem to center in on the wake_up() function. I have
seen X, update and logrotate cause this type of oops so far. My system has:

Pentium II 350Mhx
440BX chipset
glibc-2.0.7 rpm package

The oops and ksymoops follow:

irishman:~# Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address
current->tss.cr3 = 04167000, %cr3 = 04167000
*pde = 0009e067
*pte = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<00111a71>]
EFLAGS: 00010202
eax: 042d7c4c ebx: 00000002 ecx: 042d7c4c edx: 0890cd01
esi: 042d7c00 edi: 042d7c48 ebp: 01aabf68 esp: 01aabf5c
ds: 0018 es: 0018 fs: 002b gs: 002b ss: 0018
Process logrotate (pid: 18752, process nr: 30, stackpage=01aab000)
Stack: 042d7c00 042d7c00 042d7c00 bffff764 00123bc6 042d7c4c 042d7c00
042d7c00 07e5c72c 00122db6 042d7c00 00000000 07e5c72c 00122e08
042d7c00 fffffff7 00000005 bffff3c4 00122e5c 07e5c72c 070b0018
Call Trace: [<00123bc6>] [<00123f8a>] [<00122db6>] [<00122e08>] [<00122e5c>]
Code: 8b 02 83 f8 02 74 07 8b 02 83 f8 01 75 68 9c 5e fa c7 02 00

irishman:~# ./linux/scripts/ksymoops /boot/System.map <crash3.oops
Using `/boot/System.map' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: 111a71 <wake_up+35/f4>
Trace: 123bc6 <write_inode+6e/74>
Trace: 123f8a <iput+ea/190>
Trace: 122db6 <__fput+3a/40>
Trace: 122e08 <close_fp+4c/5c>
Trace: 122e5c <sys_close+44/50>
Trace: 10a675 <system_call+55/7c>

Code: 111a71 <wake_up+35/f4>
Code: 111a71 <wake_up+35/f4> 8b 02 movl (%edx),%eax
Code: 111a73 <wake_up+37/f4> 83 f8 02 cmpl $0x2,%eax
Code: 111a76 <wake_up+3a/f4> 74 07 je 111a7f <wake_up+43/f4>
Code: 111a78 <wake_up+3c/f4> 8b 02 movl (%edx),%eax
Code: 111a7a <wake_up+3e/f4> 83 f8 01 cmpl $0x1,%eax
Code: 111a83 <wake_up+47/f4> 75 68 jne 111ae7 <wake_up+ab/f4>
Code: 111a85 <wake_up+49/f4> 9c pushf
Code: 111a86 <wake_up+4a/f4> 5e popl %esi
Code: 111a87 <wake_up+4b/f4> fa cli
Code: 111a88 <wake_up+4c/f4> c7 02 00 00 90 movl $0x90900000,(%edx)
Code: 111a93 <wake_up+57/f4> 90
Code: 111a94 <wake_up+58/f4> 90 nop


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