Re: Is the boot logo politically correct?

david (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:23:57 -0700

Reply to mail from Scott McDermott about Is the boot logo politically correct?
> Oh great, so we'll just compromise our principles and beg for market
> share. Give me a break, what a crock of shit. Who cares how many
> heads, or saturation. Why does this matter so much to people? *We* do
> things differently around here, it's everyone *else* that should adapt,
> or don't, whichever they choose. Meanwhile we'll just use our killer
> OS while everyone figures out that it's the inside of their ass they're
> looking at instead of a damned boot logo.

no. your principles are not mine. i'm not begging for market share, i'm
fighting IS to keep linux on the servers instead of NT. when a person is
very 'in your face' with their views or opinions, the usual reaction is
rejection regardless of the qualities. it matters so much to people
because they want eye candy to splash. offensive eye candy means they
can't use it everywhere they want to. the way *you* do things isn't the
way we do things. everyone shouldn't adapt to your viewpoint.

-they- want NT because it's "attractive" and "easy to use" and "...".
-they- think the text console is undesirable. -they- bring up "is that
the best graphics you can do" wrt bootup when arguing at the exec meetings.

i can't use our killer OS if -they- think it is an eyesore. the argument
about performance and stability is lost on them..they are paper pushers,
not IS professionals. they don't understand.

i want that fat budget for my -linux- department so i can improve it and
get more servers running linux. i don't want it shuffled into m$ junk.

in short, as much as any other opinion and preference, to each their own
notwithstanding it affect another. personally i'll have an X rated
background on my desktop or whatnot, but i will not put any such thing
where it is going to be a detriment to my cause.

i want LINUX on my machines, not NT.

my argument is for a choice of logos. put your total
X/beer/drugs/violence/whatever logo on your desktop but give me one that i
can show to the million dollar suits and keep that m$ crap off the table.
project solutions that don't appeal don't stay on the bargaining table.

if you are the boss of your company, you're free to choose your direction.
most of us aren't and we have to swap the corp. mentality to use our OS
even though it appears to come from the dark ages of text.

put up a fancy splash screen on bootup that isn't distasteful so you can
tell the egghead m$ advocates to STFU and convince the pointy haired ones
that your pretty splash screen works better. because all they understand
is "pretty splash screen" and 80K pps across the network path is meaningless.


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